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The benefits of Mobile Safety Showers.

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Safety showers and eyewash units are often life-saving pieces of equipment that can make all the difference when workers are exposed to dangerous materials in a work environment. In some situations, a fixed decontamination unit can be used. However, in some work situations, a more mobile safety shower solution is required, be it due to a lack of water pressure, disruption to water supply, or an ever-moving work site (such as a mine or pharmaceutical build). This is where Site Safety Officers should consider the benefits of mobile Safety Showers and Eyewash Units.

Sometimes a permanent, plumbed-in Safety Shower cannot be installed. In such situations, you need to consider using a mobile Safety Shower unit.

Hughes mobile Safety Showers are suitable for many different industries, locations, and applications, with plenty of on-site flexibility. The two portable models in the Hughes range are the STD-40K/45G and the 1200L bowser. Both units can be used in cold outdoor climates when covered with insulated or heated soft polyester jackets or in the Bowsers case with its built-in immersion. Safety Officers should note that the 40K’s are designed to be a supplementary unit to stationary Safety Showers, as they are unable to provide 15 minutes of potable water as required by the EN and ANSI. Where a substitute is needed for a permanently fixed safety shower (in the event of a shutdown of water supply) the Bowser can deliver a continuous flow of tepid water for over 15 minutes at a rate of 76 litres per minute.

Hughes STD-H-40K/45G mobile Safety Shower and its benefits

Mobile Safety Showers, such as the Hughes STD-H-40K/45G, are well suited to work environments, where an injured worker may need access to the shower rapidly should exposure to dangerous chemicals arise. Rapid access to a shower can help mitigate burns and even prevent sight loss. They are designed so as to be easy to set up. Once charged with pressure and connected to a water main to fill it, they are ready for deployment. The Hughes STD-H-40K/45G can deliver water at 76l (20 gallons) per minute for full decontamination therefore its 114 litre capacity provides a constant flow of water for over 1 1/2 minutes. They are designed so that they don’t take up much space, and are maneuverable by one person if need be.

Mobile Safety Showers in the Construction Industry.

The Construction Industry can be an ever-changing environment where H&S professionals and engineers need their equipment to be ready to adapt as required. This could be due to new building methods or infrastructure processes being implemented, or new hazards arising. Our mobile Safety Shower units are ideal as they are flexible and can be repositioned closer to a hazard as the need arises.

Safety Showers for Water Treatment Facilities

Workers in Water Treatment Facilities are often exposed to harmful chemicals. These include Sodium Hypochlorite, Calcium Hypochlorite, and Hydrofluoric acid, to name some. Contact with these chemicals can place workers in great danger, for chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. For this reason, it’s vital that Safety Showers are readily accessible should your workers come into contact with such chemicals. Mobile Safety Shower units can come into their own here, in locations where a fixed Safety Shower unit isn’t practical. These will allow your workers to efficiently and rapidly decontaminate themselves should there be a spill or splash exposing them to dangerous chemicals.

Safety showers for warehouses

Depending on their nature, warehouses can often contain various chemical hazards, be it fuel or harmful substances (for example, in a fertilizer storage facility). This leaves the potential for injuries or burns to workers handling or working around, the chemicals. For this reason, it is critical that Safety Officers ensure that there is ready access to emergency decontamination equipment in their warehouse. Mobile Safety Showers and eyewash units give great flexibility in this regard, ready to move to an incident at a moment’s notice.

Safety Showers and decontamination units for Mines

In mine environments, it’s crucial to mitigate risks from chemicals. Acids and alkalis often pose a major threat in such situations. In order so that workers can wash themselves of chemicals from the eyes and skin (so as to prevent burns or worse), it’s vital that emergency showers and eyewash equipment are situated within 10 seconds reach of a potential hazard—even closer depending on the chemical involved. For this reason, mobile Safety Showers and eyewash units can come into their own in mining sites.

Ireland’s Safety Shower specialists

Gaslines Ltd. has been leading Safety Shower specialists in Ireland for decades. We are an authorised agent for Hughes Safety Showers, and over the years have amassed a range of expertise in supplying decontamination solutions to a vast and varied spectrum of work sites throughout Ireland. We can consult you on the best Safety Shower solution to suit your needs today. Contact us today to hire or purchase, you can call us on 0402 32116.

Product sheets for some of our Mobile Safety Shower Units:

Mobile self-contained safety shower with eye wash - 114 L STD-J-40K/45G.

Mobile self-contained heated safety shower with eye wash - 1200 L STD-MH-P-1200L.

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