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Fall Arrest & Safety Harness systems

Working from a height is a significant cause of injuries in the workplace. Therefore, it is important to have safeguards in place in your work environment to protect against falls that may occur. This is where fall arrest systems come into place, particularly in situations where employees are working on an exposed ledge or similar area where there is a risk of falling from a height. One example of a fall arrest system is a safety harness.

How a Safety Harness works


Vital for areas where a worker is working more than six feet off the ground, a safety harness is designed to protect a person from the impact when working at a height. Commonly used in the construction industry among other environments, safety harnesses are secured to a fixed, solid railing, the rope or lanyard used in a safety harness is designed to absorb the energy generated during a fall. This gives the wearer fall protection while not restricting their movement as they go about their job. It is vitally important that the fall arrest equipment is fitted and secured properly, and that the user is wearing the safety harness and lanyard properly.

Supplying the best quality fall harness systems across Ireland


Gaslines Ltd. are a trusted supplier of safety harnesses and other fall arrest systems to a wide range of industries across Ireland. Given the risks involved in working at a height, it is essential that only high standard fall arrest equipment is used; there’s no room for compromise. Gaslines Ltd. only source safety harnesses and fall arrest equipment produced to the highest quality and required standards. 

Discuss your fall arrest requirements with our PPE & Safety experts

We can supply and deliver fall arrest equipment all over Ireland. If you’re not sure of your exact requirements, you can discuss with our safety specialists by calling 0402 32116. We also stock safety harnesses in our sister company’s safety & workwear shops in Arklow, Co Wicklow, and Passage West, Co Cork.

You can also email our PPE team at

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