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Mobile Safety Showers & Eyewash Units

Safety Shower Cost

In situations where a fixed Safety Shower or Eyewash Unit cannot be installed (perhaps due to low pressure, frequently-changing worksite or other factors), Mobile Safety Shower and Eyewash Units come into their own.

Gaslines Ltd. are an official Irish distributor for the Hughes Safety range of Mobile Safety Showers and Eyewash Units. Examples of these include the the STD-40K/45G and the 1200L bowser. These include options for colder climates, for example, not only can an insulated jacket be supplied, but the bowser is also available with a built-in immersion system.

To discuss your requirements in detail, or if you are just looking for advice on Safety Shower Units, please do get in touch with our Safety Shower experts, call us on 0402 32116 or email

Two view our basic models, take a look below:



Hughes Mobile self-contained safety shower with eye wash 114L (Gaslines product code 27STD400).


The Hughes 114-litre mobile shower unit is designed to complement permanent plumbed-in models and can be easily moved as the location of the hazard changes throughout a project. This model, which doesn't provide heating, features a cylinder lined with polypropylene, a durable stainless steel frame with a heavy-duty powder coating, and large pneumatic tires to facilitate mobility. Available in jacketed and unjacketed versions. Quote Available for hire or purchase, mention Gaslines product code 27STD400

View the spec sheet for the Hughes 114 mobile shower unit.

Hughes STD-MH-P-1200L Mobile self-contained heated safety shower 1200L (Gaslines product code 27STDMHP1200).




The Hughes 1200-litre mobile self contained safety shower, equipped with a closed bowl eye/face wash unit made of ABS, can be conveniently transported behind a suitable vehicle using the provided towing hitch. Designed to meet EN and ANSI standards, this unit is capable of providing a continuous flow of tepid water for over 15 minutes, at a rate of 76 litres per minute. To prevent freezing and maintain the water temperature within the tepid range, it is recommended to use the optional insulated jacket, especially during colder months. The Hughes 1200L bowser is capable of delivering a continious flow of tepid water at a rate of 76L per minute for over a quarter of an hour. Available for hire or purchase, quote Gaslines product code 27STDMHP1200.

Spec sheet for the Hughes 1200-litre mobile self contained safety shower with eye wash unit.

STD-MH-P-1200L Render.png
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