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A comprehensive range of spillage and decontamination solutions.


Gaslines Ltd. offer a comprehensive range of spillage and decontamination solutions. We are an official Irish stockist for the New Pig range of oil absorbent mats and socks. These have a variety of applications and see use in environments such as garages, workshops and factories, where the constant risk of oil spillage needs to be mitigated. 

Where are absorbent mats and socks used?


Absorbent mats, pads and socks are used in environments where the risk of oil or other liquid spillage needs to be mitigated against. Apart from the obvious risk of a leak causing a slip, trip or fall, there is also the environmental impact to consider. Absorbent mats and socks are an effective way of soaking up the mess before it becomes a bigger problem for your worksite or garage.

How do absorbent mats/socks/pads work?


Absorbent socks, rolls and pads come in a variety of shapes, sizes and widths, to suit different areas.  Often used as part of spill kits, and are made of material that is super absorbent and effectively acts like a sponge to capture any oil spilled in the area over which they are placed. 

Remember, the sooner you absorb a spill, the sooner you prevent it spreading and normal business can resume in your workshop, warehouse or factory. 


Why are absorbent pads/socks better than grit?

Absorbent socks/pads/mats are far more effective than simply using grit. Their absorbent properties are higher, which aids in more rapid spillage cleanup and decontamination. Also, quite simply, grit just adds to the mess you have to clean up, and can also cause damage to machinery etc if it gets caught in it.


Contact us today to discuss your decontamination requirements.


If you’re interested in ordering spillage absorbent pads/socks/mats/booms or decontamination equipment for your business simply fill in the quote form or call our team on 0402 32116. You can also email us at

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