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Eye Wash & Face Wash Safety Units

Safety Shower Cost

In addition to our range of combined Safety Shower and Eyewash/Facewash Units, we also supply independent Eyewash/Safety Units from the Hughes Safety range. Examples of these include the Hughes 45G Wall-mounted ABS closed bowl Eye Wash unit. 

Hughes 45G Closed Bowl ABS Eye Wash Unit (wall-mounted)

The Hughes 45G Wall-mounted ABS closed bowl Eye Wash Unit is ideal for use in indoor work environments (along with outdoor environments with warmer climates). Automatically operated by pulling the lid down, the High Flow rate aerated diffusers give the unit excellent washing action. Features of this Eye Wash Unit include a lidded bowl to stop ingress from external pollutants, while its ABS construction gives it protection against UV and chemicals. The flow rate can be adjusted using the regulator valve on the side.

View the datasheet for the Hughes 45G Wall-mounted ABS closed bowl Eye Wash Unit.

For more information on our eyewash and facewash units, call our team on 0402 32116 or email

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