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Safety Shower Cost

Hughes EXP-J-14KS/1500 1500L tank fed Emergency Safety Shower - jacketed and insulated. 


The Hughes EXP-J-14KS/1500 1500L tank fed emergency safety shower is ideal for use in worksites in Ireland where a consistent water supply cannot be ensured; this tank-fed safety shower is suitable for situations with insufficient water pressure or inadequate flow rates. This model, with a capacity of 1500l, not only meets but exceeds the requirements set by EN15154 and ANSI Z358.1-2014. It provides a generous flow of 76l of potable water per minute for the recommended 15 minutes. Additionally, an optional eye/face wash is available to offer a comprehensive solution.

In hot climates for outdoor applications, the inclusion of a chiller unit in this safety shower becomes crucial to prevent the water in the tank from reaching hazardous temperatures that could potentially scald individuals upon activation. Various chiller options are available to ensure the provision of tepid water, catering to both hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

To maintain a consistent water temperature within the tank for indoor use, this emergency safety shower is jacketed and insulated, providing an effective solution for many worksites in Ireland particularly during the colder winter months.

While our offices are in Cork and Arklow, we can deliver this safety shower unit to any worksite in Ireland.




Hughes STD-TC-100KS/45G Emergency Safety Shower and ABS closed bowl eye wash with integral water heater (quote Gaslines product code 27STDTC100KS45G).

The Hughes STD-TC-100KS/45G is a safety shower with an eye/face wash unit offers an effective solution when dealing with unreliable hot water or low ambient temperatures. It incorporates a temperature control mechanism to tackle these challenges. With a 300l integrated heated water tank, it remains prepared to deliver 15 minutes of water within the recommended tepid range, following EN and ANSI guidelines (as applicable to the use of safety showers on Irish worksites).


The high flow rate thermostatically controlled mixing valve is a feature of this Hughes Safety Shower & Eyewash unit that ensures that the water temperature remains between 22-28 degrees Celsius. Moreover, nearby safety showers can utilize the heated water supply through a secondary outlet on the unit. This versatile model is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be employed in hazardous or non-hazardous environments in Irish worksites.

We can supply this Hughes Safety Shower unit in both F2 and N2 specification, anywhere in Ireland, depending on the safety requirements of your work environment.

Gaslines Ltd. can deliver this Emergency Safety Shower & Eyewash unit anywhere in Ireland. To discuss your requirements, call our Cork Office on 021 484 1370 or our Arklow office on 0402 32116. Alternatively, you can email Mention Gaslines product code 27STDTC100KS45G.

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