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A trusted supplier of gas detection equipment in Ireland.


For decades Gaslines Ltd. has been a leading supplier, servicer and calibrator of gas detection equipment and carbon dioxide monitors in Ireland. We are an authorised agent for Honeywell portable gas monitors. Popular models include the Honeywell Clip and MicroClip series, particularly ideal for gas detection in confined spaces, and the Honeywell Max XT II.


Where is gas detection equipment used?


Gas monitors are used in a range of industries and environments. These include mines and other confined spaces such as sewers, where there is a risk of an employee being exposed to a dangerous gas. Portable gas monitors give such workers an instant alert, prompting them to evacuate the situation and mitigating against the risk of poisoning or worse. 

Other areas which use gas detectors include chemical plants, pharma industries, landfills and even hospitals.

Gas monitor calibration and servicing available.


At Gaslines, our team is fully trained in all necessary servicing and calibration of portable gas detection equipment. You can send your gas monitors directly to us or you can drop them off in our sister company's safety and workwear shops in Arklow (only an hour from Dublin) and Cork for collection there. If you're not sure what's needed, do feel free to get in touch with our team and we will talk you through the process and make recommendations. We've been doing this for decades and have supplied portable gas monitors to a vast array of industries across Ireland.

Gas detection equipment also available for hire.


Apart from selling and servicing portable gas monitors, Gaslines Ltd. also provide gas detection equipment for hire. For details, simply fill in the quote form or call our team on 0402 32116. You can also email us at


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