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The Importance of Safety Showers in the Food & Beverage Production Industry

A worker wearing PPE in beverage production facility.

Food & Beverage Production has always been an integral part of the Irish economy. Gaslines and our sister company, M.A. Healy & Sons Ltd., have been supplying this industry with PPE and workwear for years. When we mention PPE for the Food & Beverage industry, what often springs to mind are hairnets, mob caps, gloves and other protective clothing. This is all essential (and can be supplied by our sister company) but another piece of PPE that should never be overlooked is the Emergency Safety Shower. This article shall explore why this is, the role of Safety Showers in Food & Drink production and the risks they help mitigate.

Why are Safety Showers a Must for the Food & Beverage Production Facilities?

Those who work in the food and beverage production industry will know there are quite a lot of chemicals used in the process before the product gets to the shelves. Even in factories that avoid using additives, there are still a lot of chemicals used in the cleaning and refrigeration process, to name but two. This is of course essential to ensure that all food and drink produced is safe for human consumption. For instance, in a brewery, vats and barrels must be sanitised. However, and perhaps conversely, this also presents a hazard to workers involved during the food/drink production process. These chemicals are often odourless and colourless which adds to the risk of contamination. For this reason, it is essential that those responsible for safety in a food/beverage production facility ensure their staff have adequate PPE. This extends beyond safety clothing—where chemicals are involved they should also ensure that employees have access to an Emergency Safety Shower should they get exposed.

Safety Showers in Food/Drink Production Facilities Should Be Made of Stainless Steel

Safety Shower Cubicle

Safety Showers used in Food/Beverage Factories should be made of stainless steel to ensure that they are rust-resistant and easy to clean, not to mention durable. Suitable models can be obtained from our Hughes Safety Showers range.

What are the Standards for Safety Showers?

The internationally recognised standard for Safety Showers is the American National Standard, ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014. There is also the European Standard, EN15154. These stipulate the minimum requirements for Safety Shower performance, installation, training, use and maintenance.

Where should Safety Showers be Sited in a Food/Beverage Production Factory?

Safety Showers should be sited within 10 seconds reach, or within 20 metres, of a chemical hazard. Depending on the severity of the hazard, you may required to place them immediately next to it. It must also be kept free of obstructions and on the same level as the hazard so that it can be easily reached should employees be impaired.

Gaslines Ltd. are an official distributor for Hughes Safety Showers in the Republic of Ireland. We’ve supplied Safety Shower and Eye Wash Equipment to breweries, distilleries and food manufacturers all over Ireland, and our team is very experienced in advising on the best Safety Shower unit for specific facilities. To find out more, call us on 0402 32116 or email You can also visit our offices in Arklow, Co. Wicklow, and Passage West, Co. Cork.

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